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Dave Barry is the Shiznik!

August 19th, 2007 at 10:20 pm

I just finished reading Dave Barry's book "Money Smarts" and it is hilarious! I highly recommend it for a good laugh. If you like to read as much as I do and if you are reading everything you can get your hands on in regards to money management, debt reduction, etc. then you may, like me, be suffering from money management overload. I will include an excerpt from Chapter 1.

"In prehistoric times, there was no such thing as money. When people needed to buy something, they had to charge it. And then when the bills came, nobody could understand them, because there was also no such thing as reading. This led to a lot of misunderstandings and hitting with rocks."

Another excerpt further down in the same chapter...

"And so the quest continued for a better form of money. Various cultures experimented with a number of commodities, including tea, grains, leather, tobacco, and Pokemon cards. Then, finally, humanity hit upon a medium of exchange that had no disadvantages--a medium that was durable, portable, beautiful, and universally recognized to have lasting value. That medium, of course, was beer."

And those weren't even the funniest excerpts that I read, they were just shorter paragraphs then the rest. Of course, keeping in the frugal mindset, I rented it from my library instead of purchasing it but I would consider it a good purchase if you like humor that's a little offbeat. Smile

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